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Welcome Beautiful

I'm originally from Bosnia.  My country was destroyed by a civil war and we had moved to Berlin, Germany in 1994.  In 2001 at 19 years old , I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in hopes of having a better life.  I speak three different languages-English, Bosnian and German. 

In 2011 I became a U.S. Citizen, which to date is my most proudest achievement.  This country has given me many great opportunities to be able to pursue my dreams and live my passion of being a hairstylist, nail-tech and a makeup artist. 



In the past 23 years, living my passions has brought me a lot of happiness, personal growth and taught me to be patient not only with myself, but also with others.  I love giving clients confidence in the way that they look and feel by achieving a customized style that fits the unique characteristics of who they are.  

There is something greatly satisfying to know that at any moment you can change someone's day by helping them look great and giving them the confidence in themselves, so they can do anything in life and be gorgeous at the same time. 


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family, our three loving pit bulls dogs and three tabby cats.  With that much activity in our home, you can sometimes find me squirreled away with a good horror or mystery book and a hot cup of black coffee.  Or if the mood strikes me I love to paint with my watercolors to unwind.  However, my first love has always been hair.  If I couldn't be a hair stylist, I don't know what else would make me happy because it's in my blood. 


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My goal in life is to always be the one person you can count on.  Even when everything isn't going as planned, let me be the one you can count on no matter what! 


"Life is a lot more beautiful with gorgeous hair" ~ Rose


Join me for a coffee and your consultation at my place...Let's make a date!

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3514 Plainfield Ave NE, Suite C

Grand Rapids, MI 49525




CND Shellec Nails

Artistic Dip Nails

Pravana Balayage Specialist 

Pravana & Redken Color Specialist

 Pravana, Redken and Matrix Color Correction Specialist

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